4820 Westport Blvd.
Montgomery, al 36108
(334) 281-9157
[email protected]


1531 Red Hollow Road
Birmingham, AL 35215
(205) 591-9400
[email protected]


9310 Madison Blvd Suite 19
Madison, AL 35758
(256) 772-9062
[email protected]


2215 Avenue O
Mobile, AL 36615
(251) 690-7995
[email protected]


211 West Oakfield road
Pensacola, FL 32503
(850) 475-1362
[email protected]


1208 Topside Road Suite A
Louisville, TN 37777
(865) 380-1515
[email protected]


225 1st street
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
[email protected]

About Us

Montgomery Air Freight, Inc. dba MAF Expedited is a family owned business that over time has grown to be the Southeast Region’s largest heavyweight air freight trucking operation.  Our operations began with the purchase of Harbin Freight Lines in 1997. Harbin Freight Lines had been in business since 1938 operating out of Luverne, AL. In 1998 our operations acquired Montgomery Air Freight, Inc. with locations in Montgomery and Dothan since 1972. Later in 1998, all operations for Harbin Freight and Montgomery Air Freight were moved to Montgomery, AL with operations being housed in one location. In the year 2000 expansion occurred with the opening of locations in Birmingham, AL (BHM Express) and Huntsville, AL. In 2002, Montgomery Air Freight was named small business of the year by the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce.

In 2010 Montgomery Air Freight consolidated all the companies under one umbrella and rebranded as MAF Expedited. In January of 2015, further expansion occurred with the acquisition of Gulf Coast Express which included locations in Pensacola, FL, Mobile, AL, and Knoxville, TN bringing the total number of terminals to six. This acquisition expanded our geographical footprint and allowed MAF Expedited to expand its services for current customers while also allowing us to serve new customers in our new markets. In April of 2016, MAF completed another acquisition of Huntsville Air Freight which supplemented the current Huntsville Terminal allowing us to take on additional freight and customers. In August of 2017 MAF added another terminal in the Chattanooga market which fit perfectly into our expanding geographical footprint. The Chattanooga terminal is another great addition to our company and complements our existing operations in Huntsville and Knoxville given the location.

MAF Expedited is proud to service over 3,000 points from our current terminal locations. In addition to local pickup and delivery points each terminal provides nightly line-haul service (Monday-Friday & Sunday) to and from Atlanta, GA. We are also able to handle airline recoveries and drops to further serve our customers’ needs.

We invite you to take a look around our new website to see all the services that MAF Expedited can provide to you. We pride ourselves on offering reliable service with exceptional customer service. Our corporate headquarters is located in Montgomery, AL where the management team oversees day to day operations of the company. Each terminal location is staffed with a station manager who is supported by an operations team that cover morning and afternoon operations. Please see below for corporate contacts as well as terminal contacts.

Our Mission

MAF Expedited will provide services that satisfy our customer’s needs and result in a reasonable profit that ensures the growth and success of our employees, company, and shareholders. We will contribute to our customer’s success and satisfaction by providing them with superior service.

Our Vision

MAF Expedited strives to be the best premier transportation company in selected markets served. By providing reliable, responsive, and efficient service our customers will view us as contributing to their business success.

Please see below for corporate contacts as well as terminal contacts.
We are here for you, let us know how we can help.



Phone: 800-392-1589 | Fax: 334-281-1987

Todd Vickers

Direct #: 334-481-0119 ext. 202
Email: [email protected]

Bob Dubois

Vice President
Direct #: 334-481-0121 ext. 205
Cell #: 334-850-3366
Email: [email protected]

Porter Reaves

Corp Admin & Billing Manager
Direct #: 334-481-0139 ext. 207
Cell: 334-477-1091
Email: [email protected]

Kim Munce

Accts Receivables Manager
Direct #: 334-481-0118 ext. 201
Email: [email protected]

Allen Wyatt

Sales Manager
Direct #: 205-288-5163
Cell #: 205-288-5163
Email: [email protected]

Lawrence Vickers

Accts Payables Manager
Direct #: 334-481-0145 ext. 213
Email: [email protected]

Andrea Brassell

Accts Payables & Billing
Direct #: 334-481-0120 ext. 204
Email: a[email protected]


Phone: 205-591-9400 Dispatch Ext. 2 | Fax: 205-591-9410 | Email: [email protected]

Jamie Estes

Terminal Manager
Direct #: 205-703-7206 ext. 101
Cell #: 205-438-8031
Email: [email protected]

Barry Sawyer

Morning Ops
Direct #: 205-703-7210 ext. 105
Email: [email protected]


Jon White

Afternoon Ops
Direct #: 205-703-7209 ext. 103
Cell #: 205-445-4297
Email: [email protected]

Tavores Felton

Ops Manager
Direct #: 205-703-7208 ext. 102
Cell #: 205-593-1094
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 334-281-9157 Dispatch Ext. 1 | Fax: 334-281-1987 | Email: [email protected]

Barrett Boswell

Terminal Manager
Direct #: 334-481-0143 ext. 208
Cell #: 334-239-1570
Email: [email protected]

Ronnie Scott

Outbound Supervisor & Afternoon Ops
Direct #: 334-481-0138 ext. 206
Cell #: 334-239-6368
Email: [email protected]

Tyler Dubois

Direct #: 334-481-0144 ext. 209
Cell #: 334-546-8206
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 256-772-9062 Dispatch Ext. 2 | Fax: 256-772-7140 | Email: [email protected]

Gary Gray

Terminal Manager
Direct #: 256-382-6113 ext. 110
Fax #: 256-382-2781
Cell #: 678-524-8890
Email: [email protected]

Quentin Adams

Direct #: 256-382-6116 ext. 113
Cell: 334-718-6811
Fax #: 256-382-2783
Email: [email protected]

Dustin Riddlehoover

Direct #: 256-258-7450
Cell: 256-759-2064
Fax #: 256-772-7140
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 850-475-1362 | Fax: 850-969-9379 | Email: [email protected]

Marcos Fajardo

Terminal Manager
Direct #: 850-262-7231 ext. 306
Cell #: 334-538-2508
Email: [email protected]

Ashley Harper

Direct #: 850-477-9115 ext. 323
Email: [email protected]

Izzy Gardner

Direct #: 850-262-0153 ext. 324
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 251-690-7995 | Fax: 850-969-9379 | Email: [email protected]

Natashya Reinke

Terminal Manager
Direct #: 251-690-7996 ext. 314
Email: [email protected]

Ernest Jackson

Direct #: 251-690-7995 ext. 310
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 865-380-1515 | Fax: 856-380-1661 | Email: [email protected]

Terri Bowman

Terminal Manager
Direct #: 865-379-0464 ext. 501
Cell #: 865-389-9168
Email: [email protected]

Kristen Hodge

Morning Ops
Direct #: 865-380-1523 ext. 502
Cell #: 865-740-6506
Email: [email protected]

Michelle McGuire

Afternoon Ops
Direct #: 865-380-4345 ext. 503
Cell #: 865-389-6474
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 706-861-1001 | Fax: 706-940-7307 | Email: [email protected]

Tim Newton

Terminal Manager
Direct #: 770-637-2913 ext. 450
Fax #: 706-940-7307
Cell #: 334-718-6785
Email: [email protected]

Zach Newman

Direct #: 706-861-1001 ext. 402
Fax #: 706-940-7307
Email: [email protected]

Pam Speal

Direct #: 706-861-1001 ext 601
Fax #: 706-940-7307
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 256-403-6067 | Email: [email protected]

Jon Freeman

Logistics Manager
Direct #: 256-258-7455 ext. 604
Fax #: 256-258-7461
Cell #: 334-954-8120

Email: [email protected]

Jack Simon

Logistics Manager
Direct #: 256-403-6067 ext. 602
Fax #: 256-258-7461
Cell #: 205-305-0663
Email: [email protected]

Monica Ratasky

Logistics Manager
Cell #:  678-978-4415
Email: [email protected]